Unsticking What’s Stuck

Unsticking What’s Stuck


Package of Three Coaching Program

Focus on what most needs to change or improve in your life

  • Session One:  Possibilities and Mindset
  • Session Two:  Shift and Embrace the New
  • Session Three:  Seeing the Path and Action Plan

Weekly 30 minute sessions

Includes email

Special Price $149!

Offer expires 8/31/11


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One Comment

  1. cynthia September 28, 2011 at 6:01 PM

    I love all of your blogs, and am super excited that you are offering your top rate personal training in home now! What lucky clients you will have! Your training is top rate and your own physique and health and strength is a great example of your work. Your prices are great and I wish you much success as a very satisfied customer.