Spring Shared It’s Wisdom With Me


Spring:  I am your favorite time of year.  You say it’s because everything is new.  You bask at my beauty, saying it takes your breath away.

Me:  You’ve got that right!  The blue sky, the fragrances, the birds, butterflies and the green grass!  It feels like an awakening!

Spring:  It is!  But there’s something you are not getting!

Me:  What’s that?

Spring:  It’s your favorite time of year because you are a “light chaser.”  You love awakenings, enlightenment and transformation.  I’m simply a reflection of what “lights you up.”  And here’s the piece that I invite you to get.  I am showing you YOU!  Everything you experience in me is a mirror of who you are.  (And by the way, not just you, but everybody.)  I show up to show you your beauty, your essence, your light, the fragrance of your soul and the part of you who has always been enlightened.

But you feel as if I am not you.  You feel separate as if we are two different energies.  There’s a part of you who believes you could never be as awakened, intoxicating and beautiful as me and that’s the lie that you live in.

Me:  Interesting.  This is so perfect for me to hear because what you are telling me is exactly what I teach.  We tend to project all the aspects of ourselves that we don’t think we are.  Gosh, I can’t imagine being able to make an impact on the world as much as you do!  That’s scary!

Spring:  Exactly my point!  As much personal  growth work as you have done, there’s still a part of you who plays small.  It’s the part of you who doesn’t feel good enough and that’s the same lie that those you work with tell themselves.  I’m here to remind you that you are capable of  expressing so much more.

Me:  That’s scary!  And it’s making me laugh because I’m all about being fearlessness.  So help me out.  What do I do with this wisdom?

Spring:  You already know.  You tell me.

Me:  You are right.  Thanks, Coach Spring!  Today, when I bask in your beauty and when  I feel that off the charts intense passion and awe while connecting with you, I will imagine that I’m looking in a mirror and that all of the crazy awesome qualities I’m noticing in you, are ME!  I will feel them from you AND also from inside, because the truth is that there is only one energy.

Spring:  Imagine what is possible from that place?  I’m so in your face right now!  I so want you to get this!  Because the more you do, the more you will support your clients to do and be the same.

Me:  I’m so charged up right now.  Thank you for your wisdom, your truth and the perfect message for today.

Spring:  You know you can count on me.  And, by the way, the other 3 seasons have just as much to teach you.  They, too, are reflections of you!

Me:  I love you.

Spring:  I love you, too!

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