My Wellness Talk With Fat


Fat: You say you hate me, but you create more of me. What’s up with that?
Me: Well, I don’t really hate you because I know I need you, but I don’t want too much of you,
Fat: Ok, so then why do you make more of me? You blame me but it’s not my fault!
Me: Ouch! Now I think I hate you because I don’t like being blamed.
Fat: Then whose fault is it? I just respond to your choices. I make more of me based on what you do. YOU are the one who eats too much of the wrong things. YOU are the one who wants instant gratification, so quit making me wrong!
Me: I suppose you are right and I really don’t like hearing this. Sorry, but I’d rather hate you.
Fat: Then keep doing what you are doing and enjoy the results. Just remember that this is and will continue to cost you.
Me: How so?
Fat: Do I really have to tell you this? You will continue to abuse your body and eventually, if not already, you will end up with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart issues, joint issues, inflammation, and so much more. And what about the financial cost? How about all the money you will have to spend on medications, doctor visits, and maybe even joint replacement? And then there’s the emotional cost; lack of confidence, hope, self esteem, depression, etc.
Me: Ok, so now I’m really depressed. It really is ironic that I don’t want more of you but I keep inviting more of you in. Ugh!
Fat: And by the way, it really sucks having to be so crowded in here and always having to find a new place to live and grow. You’d be amazed at all the places I’ve been able to hide out.
Me: I’m feeling pretty disgusted with myself right now and I’m really getting how much I’m abusing myself just because I want pleasure NOW, and most often in the form of food. And it just results in me hating fat more and more. I’m realizing that nothing will change and that I will keep inviting more of you in if I don’t shift gears. I guess I should find a new diet.
Fat: Go ahead and find that new trendy diet. How many times have you done that and notice how much more of me you have because of it!
Me: Ok, fine! Then what do you suggest I do?
Fat: DIETS DON’T WORK! You must eat clean, healthy and organic, FOREVER! You must be willing to raise your awareness around what it is you put in your mouth daily. You must be willing to take 100% responsibility for your health and that will only happen if you see it as in inside job. You must commit to shifting your sabotaging beliefs around who you are because that will affect what you do. You must commit to getting out of your comfort zone and find healthy ways to experience pleasure. Most people only focus on diet and exercise. Yeah, that works, but it will not sustain you. You might think that I’m the bearer of bad news, but really it’s the opposite. We are having this conversation because you are sick of me. Be sick of me by doing something about it! Quit feeling victimized by me. You’ve created it!
Me: So I guess this is the first step in befriending you. I’m sorry for making you wrong and blaming you. I see it has hindered me from succeeding. I don’t want to abuse my body anymore.
Fat: So how are you going to do this? Part of me does not believe you, based on your history. You’ve wanted to change in the past, and then you tend to go backwards. Something new needs to happen for you
Me: I’ll get the help I need to really address the emotional component of eating. That’s the scariest and hardest aspect of achieving ideal health.
Fat: YES!
Me: Who can help me with this?
Fat: Message Debbie Leoni. This is exactly what she does. She coaches clients to wellness in all areas of their lives; body, mind and spirit. And how she does that is by guiding you into your inner world so that you can understand why you make the choices you make, and then learning how to shift those choices into life enhancing choices. What’s stopping you is fear. She teaches you to shift that fear into fearlessness. And she has helped hundreds of clients in achieving and sustaining ideal weight.
Me: Yikes! Sounds scary!
Fat: Then that’s a good sign. It’s not going to happen if you stay in your comfort zone, so embrace that fear because it’s there to propel you forward.
Me: Thanks, Fat. Sorry for being so mean to you. I actually feel better now; hopeful and inspired.
Fat: No worries. I feel better now, too, because you chose to listen to me Namaste
Me: Namaste

How nice of Fat to recommend my services!  Call me for a complimentary Wellness Strategy Session at 630.244.0920.  Fat can be your friend too!


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