My Conversation With Rejection


Me: You are such an incredibly powerful force. Where the heck did you come from?
Rejection: Hahahahaha! Yes, I’m powerful and I like it that way. I take lots of pride in the fact that I can keep you in fear and self loathing.
Me: What’s so cool about that?
Rejection: Because if you give me your power, then I get to help you play small. I get to own you in believing that you are not good enough. I get to show you how to accuse others of rejecting you (that’s even better because I feel even more powerful). I get to show how to be a victim so that you never have to do anything different. And for me it’s about POWER!
Me: Well, you know what? I like power too; power to make choices that have me feeling good, so I’m here to tell you that I’m sick and tired of you using your power to create so much misery. I love myself and I love my clients and I’m no longer willing to tolerate your toxic energy. My clients struggle with you every day! And what’s more, even though I don’t like how I’ve given my power over to you at times (my peeps too), I’m NOT going to reject YOU! Instead, I’m going to take back the power I’ve given over to you and recycle it into standing taller than I already am. Sorry you won’t like it, but you’ll just have to deal with it.
Rejection: I feel rejected.
Me: It sucks, doesn’t it?
Rejection: Yes, So can you love me anyway?
Me: Of course! You are an incredibly powerful teacher; one that has taught me to love myself more than I ever imagined I was capable of.
Rejection: Ok, I’ll keep being me then.
Me: And I’ll love you anyway.

If you are sick of feeling rejected, call me:  630.244.0920

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  1. Vally October 23, 2016 at 12:36 AM

    Took words from my mouth. Brilliant!! Thank God for your work