Making The Best Of Empty Nest

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 “My kids don’t need me anymore.”

“Who am I other than a Mom or Dad?”

“I feel so alone.”

“I have no purpose.”

“Will I ever feel fulfilled again without my kids?”

Empty Nest Syndrome is a common phase that parents go through when their children leave the home.  It is a change that can feel quite heavy, lonely and depressing, yet it doesn’t have to.  This natural cycle of a parent’s life is an opportunity to rediscover new ways to experience joy, happiness and purpose.  It’s also a fertile time to nourish one’s marriage and other meaningful relationships.

Attend “Making The Best Of Empty Nest” will offer you new insights, perspectives and strategies to experience this transition from a place of excitement and possibilities.  You are not just a parent.  You have many other roles and ways to feel on purpose and all that newness awaits you!  It’s a shift in perspective that can have you seeing your future as a blessing that holds many miracles.

When:  Thursday, September 29th from 7 to 8:30 pm Central

Where:  Geneva, Il.

Cost:  $45

Register here and get ready to discover parts of you that have been hidden: