If It Doesn’t Evolve Me, It Doesn’t Involve Me

If It Doesn’t Evolve Me, It Doesn’t Involve Me 2017-10-12T16:43:59+00:00


Have you ever attended a live video conference?  It’s so fun!  Remember the tv show “The Brady Bunch,” where at the beginning  of the show you could see all of their faces at once?  That’s what it will look like via live video conference, or virtual classroom. Of course, you don’t have to participate with video.  (You can attend as an audio participant if that works for you.)  During the video conference, I’ll be teaching with a power point presentation along with lots of interaction, Q & A and coaching.  You will leave the webinar feeling inspired to let go of your behaviors that are no longer serving you or those you are in relationship with.

It’s easy!

Once you register, I’ll send you the link, you enter it into your calendar and click on it on November 2 at 7 pm Central and you’ll be good to go!

Imagine no longer taking on everyone else’s problems!  Imagine having the emotional space to focus on living your most authentic self and stepping into a greater expression of yourself.  It’s time and the world awaits YOU!

$49 will change your life!  See you then!