I Picked Up A Penny Today

but I almost didn’t.  Have you ever done that?  Have you ever seen a penny on the street or sidewalk and just walked by because it’s only a penny?  I mean, what the heck can you buy with a penny?  Practically nothing, right?  People might laugh at you if you were seen retrieving a mere penny.

But then I walked back and picked it up realizing how valuable it was and it gave me a whole new perspective of where I place my value on so many things.  It kind of made me sick to my stomach, actually.  It made me sick because I got to see my belief around more is better, and that if something isn’t big enough or valuable enough, then it’s not worth my time and energy.  I got to see how that belief shows up in various other areas of my life and how it has blocked my ability to let go of my ego based judgments.


And in that moment of realization, that tiny penny became huge.  It’s value had changed into so much more than one cent.  I began to think of all the ways one penny can change the world, particularly my world in just that instant.  I thought of all those who would jump at the chance to pick up a penny, and all the ways that this penny could and was creating a ripple effect of change.  (Pardon the pun!)


Making that choice to pick up the penny allowed me to remember that there really are no neutral choices.  Choices we make do one of two things:  they either keep us stuck in our past, having us repeating patterns that may or may not serve us, or they move us powerfully into the future; into new possibilities and new outcomes.


I could have arrogantly (like I have in the past) walked over that penny telling myself that pennies aren’t worth my time; OR make the choice to reaffirm to myself how much I respect and value money and all the positive power it can generate, based on what we choose to do with it.  And with that realization, I got to see how much I’m worth as well!


What might you be walking over?  WHO might you be walking over?


Today is the day to remember that everything and everyone has value, including that Magnificent YOU!

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  1. cindy January 26, 2012 at 12:20 PM

    Very good.