Fearless Living Live! 2-Day Workshop

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Fearless Living LIVE! 2-Day Workshop

Next Workshop: Saturday & Sunday, April 21 and 22, 2018

$399. Investment


Fearless Living is a 2 day immersion where you will learn to observe your day to day life style  from a different perspective while you recognize your hidden fears, self limiting beliefs, behaviors and patterns that prevent you from living the life of your dreams.  You will experience  parts of yourself that you have deemed unacceptable  and view them from a perspective that will allow you to discover your inner strengths.

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Renewed commitment: A portion of proceeds will benefit Hearts of Hope, a local program in the St. Charles area to provide support for families impacted by drug and alcohol abuse.

You Deserve The Time To Remember What You Most Value
and to Inspire Yourself And All Those You Love

You will examine your existing levels of accountability and responsibility and open up possibilities for greater levels of fulfillment, passion and joy in every area of your life.

Go Beyond The Limitations That Have Dictated Your Past And Experience The Breakthrough That Awaits You

Our emotions are shaped by our interpretation of events, situations and circumstances in relationships which can prevent us from feeling connected, fulfilled and intimate.  You will learn ways to enhance your relationships with tools to better relate to yourself as well as with others.

Fearless Living  will transform your inner world and have you stepping out of mediocrity and into extraordinary.  The result is a lasting sense of empowerment, confidence, clarity and everything else you’ve always wanted to be.

What Happens At Fearless Living?

  • Lecture:  You will learn new strategies, techniques and ways to have all the confidence you ever desired so you can finally manifest your vision.
  • Guided Visualizations to teach you how to become still and access the answers that are waiting to be revealed.
  • Interactive Exercises where you will be partnering up with a buddy or a small group; You get to see that you are not alone with your fear!
  • Journaling:  Journaling is a form of meditation as it allows the mind to focus.  You’ll be amazed by the insight available when you take the time to process your thoughts and feelings while writing.
  • Worksheets to take notes during lectures and to guide you to creating the life of your dreams.
  • Visioning and Goal Setting because action is what will make things happen for you
  •  Q and A because if you have a question, chances are great that others are wondering the same.
  • Lots of laughter!

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Program investment:

Just $399 for a lifetime of positive change!


Also, when you commit to yourself to make a change at Fearless Living, you also commit to help families touched by the perils of drug and alcohol abuse through Hearts of Hope.