Fearless Leadership Training – Module 3

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Detailed Course Description for:

Module 3 – Fearless Living: Leadership with A Purpose

April 19, 2017 to May 3, 2017

VIP Event and Graduation date TBA

This is a Fearless Living Leadership Certification.  Live your purpose fearlessly and contribute to the world as a leader in ways you never imagined.  Being a Certified Fearless Living Leader is about living and leading yourself and others in a life aligned with purpose and fearlessness.

 Prerequisites for Module 3:

  • Graduate Modules 1 and 2

Module 3 Includes:

  • Written Exam and Oral Assessment on Fearless Living Skills
  • Access to Fearless Living Leadership Logo.
  • 3 Business Development Sessions:  Business Structure and Marketing Strategies for using your certification in your career, business or personal activities.
  • VIP Event:  Graduation, Celebration Dinner

Requirements for Module 3:

  • Design and deliver a 2 hour personal growth workshop with a minimum of 5 participants.