Fearless Leadership Training – Module 1

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How Does the Program Work?

There are 3 Modules in the Fearless Living Leadership Training Program.  (8 month program)

Detailed Course Description for:

Module 1 – Fearless Living: The Path of Learning

Weekly Recorded Teleclass from 9 /21/16 to 1/4/17

Module 1 Immersion Workshop 10/29/16 & 10/30/16 in St. Charles, Il.

 Prerequisites for Module 1:

  1. Private Interview and Application
  2. Attend Fearless Living 2-Day Immersion Workshop: A deep exploration of your internal world that will have you shift from fear to courage.
  3. Read: The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford.

Module 1:  Fearless Living: THE PATH OF LEARNING is designed to have you internalize all of the concepts you need to be a leader in your life.  Leadership requires that you refine your skills and strategies in a way that will foster a new level of consciousness so you can cultivate witnessing awareness of all the choices you make, supporting you to live your highest vision and teach others the same.

Module 1 will teach you powerful laws of living fearlessly including:

  1. The Law of Being Fearless
  2. The Law of Leadership
  3. The Law of Integrity
  4. The Law of Responsibility and Accountability
  5. The Law of Choice
  6. The Law of Commitment
  7. The Law of Projection
  8. The Law of Acceptance and Surrender
  9. The Law of Presence
  10. The Law of Forgiveness
  11. The Law of Self Honoring
  12. …And More!
  • 14 Weekly Teleconferences:  A Teleconference is a virtual classroom where you will be trained to apply and teach the Fearless Living Leadership Distinctions.  Session are 60 – 90 minutes in length.  Each class will consist of:  lecture, sharing, guided internal exercises and Q and A.  You will be given homework to be completed by the following session.  Sessions will be recorded.
  • Live 2 Day Intensive Workshop:  An intensive workshop is an in depth group workshop designed for you to experience and utilize the concepts based on Module 1.  You will be given tools and strategies to identify behaviors that sabotage your leadership capabilities and replace them with new thoughts and behaviors.  Learning to break through your limiting beliefs is necessary to be a valued leader.
  • Workbook:  Includes notes, exercises and worksheets that will support you each week and to refer back to for certification.

Requirements for Module 1:

  • Meditate for 20 minutes a day
  • Complete all commitments:  (approximate 1 – 3 hours a week)
  • Attend a 3 day silent retreat withing 6 months of enrollment.  (Your choice of retreat centers where you will have no distractions for 3 days.  Pre-retreat instructions included.)
  • Exercise 3 times a week