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With Author, Speaker and Fearless Living Coach Debbie Leoni

What if you knew that in 90 days you could…

Feel equipped to create the life of your dreams?

Cultivate the confidence to make it happen?

Find healthy relationships?

Know your purpose and make it happen?

Feel financially secure?

The 90 Day Fearless Project offers you the strategies, tools and individual attention you want and need to make this year your most magnificent! And it starts on January 18, 2017!

Here’s what might be in the way:

  • You settle for mediocrity because you’ve never given yourself permission to experience extraordinary!
  • You feel stuck in a relationship, feeling resentful, hopeless and frustrated.
  • You are tired of yo-yo dieting.
  • You want to know your purpose but you just don’t feel passionate.
  • You are tired of waiting for someone else to change or something else to happen to make you happy.
  • Your fear of failure and/or fear of success keeps you stuck.
     All of the above is why The 90 Day Fearless Project is for you because it was designed to bust all of your thoughts and beliefs of scarcity and turn them into abundance! You will wonder how you ever managed without “The 90 Day Fearless Project” and the powerful tools that you receive.



Imagine This:

Abundant Love:  You know what you want in a relationship and how to get it.

Abundant financial security:  Your new career is right around the corner.

Abundant health:  You know how to achieve and maintain ideal weight.

Abundant peace:  You have daily balance at work and at home.

Abundant confidence:  You can defy gravity and become unstoppable.

Are You Ready?



Why 90 days?

It takes a minimum of 90 days to develop new patterns and eliminate the old. These 90 high powered days will offer you a lifetime of satisfaction because the content will equip you with strategies and exercises to last you a lifetime. 90 days also allows you the opportunity to be in a community and cultivate a level of intimacy that will support you in exploring your internal world in a way that you’ve never experienced. Knowing you are not alone and feeling part of a like minded community will captivate your enthusiasm and move you powerfully forward knowing your “hand will be held” during your process of exploration.

How could you say no to gifting yourself with 90 days towards emotional freedom and experiencing an abundant life?

And Debbie knows that it never takes as long as 90 days to experience the life of your dreams. If you apply what she teaches, you will begin to become unrecognizable in a matter of days or a few weeks. Who would not want this?

Hurry! It all starts on January 18, 2017!

Debbie LeoniHere’s What is Happening:
3 – Once a month 90-minute Online Group Sessions with Debbie

(Value: $450)

Monthly Topics
January: Knock Your Socks Off Confidence February: Abundant Love March: Mediocrity No More


  • Coaching, reflection exercises, easy tools and strategies to take daily steps towards being fearless!
  • Sharing and Q and A
  • Worksheets and easy yet inspiring homework for daily focus, momentum, tracking and results that work!
  • Membership in private FB group for daily support, coaching and accountability
  • The private Facebook group will serve to have you engaged daily and feeling connected to this powerful community.
  • This will be the place to share your success, your challenges and get the support daily!

Here’s what Christine says about her experience with The 90 Day Fearless Project!

“I have worked with Debbie for 1 ½ years.  It is insane how much has changed in me and in my life.  Yes, it took a lot of hard work but Debbie provided a safe, honest environment in which to confront my fears.  With her guidance and leadership, I have a new career, healthier body, new level of inner peace and a new relationship.   So grateful for Debbie and her various Fearless Living events, groups, and private sessions.  The 90 Day Fearless Project was the boost I needed to have me feeling more confident than ever!”

  • 3 Monthly Meetings with your Fearless Small Group (Value: $225): Here’s the place where you will get to bond with another 5 – 6 like minds seeking fearlessness just like you! The small groups are where you feel safety, encouraged, and held in a safe “container” to explore your internal and external world. Transformation happens here!
  • Copy of Debbie’s Book (Value: $20): “Pure Wealth:  26 Ways To Crazy Profitability” 
  • Live Fearlessly Daily Message (Value: $125): Each day you will receive an inspiration message from Debbie to support your vision. The Fearless Message is a powerful tool to have you engaged in your vision every day!
  • 1 Private Power Hour Coaching call with Debbie (Value: $250): Here’s where you get to fine tune your vision and goals and be coached around your unique situation and desires!
  • $100 Certificate towards any of Debbie’s Fearless Living Programs: (Value: $100): Good for any 2 day live event, coaching package or training.
Total Value: $1170

Now: $295



Fearless Living South BendHere’s what’s unique about The 90 Day Fearless Project

If you were to go exploring in an area that might feel unsafe, dark or scary, you would want to know that it’s safe. Perhaps you would want someone to hold your hand.  

This is what is unique about Debbie Leoni. Hundreds of clients have stated that one of the most special aspects with the way she offers support is the feeling of safety AND that she is available on a daily basis! 

Debbie’s clients who have enrolled in group coaching have reported how intimate it felt and how easily they connected with Debbie and the others. Debbie HOLDS YOUR HAND through the process. You may have experienced programs where the facilitator led you through, yet you may have felt disconnected because the facilitator was inaccessible. During The 90 Day Fearless Project, Debbie is completely accessible, working alongside you from day 1 to day 90.

This is what keeps you engaged and engagement is what will get you results!



Take a moment to imagine the alternative. Do you want to be where you are today in the next year, the next 2 years? 5 years? Forever?

Reserve your spot today for the FREE Informational Call! Monday, December 12th at 7 pm Central