Escape the Weight Workshop – 2-Days

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Escape the Weight Workshop
Escape the Weight 2-Day Workshop

Next Workshop: Saturday & Sunday March 19 and 20, 2016

$399. Investment



Escape The Weight workshop…

is a 2-day, fun interactive and experiential workshop designed to have you feeling safe and supported so you can explore your emotional world in ways that will have you feeling incredibly motivated and inspired by YOU!

• Do you struggle with losing weight and keeping it off?
• Do you feel hopeless that you’ll ever get to your ideal weight?
• Are you tired of trying new diets?

Then Escape the Weight! workshop Is Just For You!

If you are ready, I’m ready to support you by giving you the tools, strategies and insight for you to finally feel capable, confident and unstoppable!

You’ll learn how to address the


The problem is that lots of focus and energy is put into eating healthy and exercising and that’s definitely what needs to happen.


Until you are willing to do address what I consider to be the most important aspect of weight loss, THE EMOTIONAL COMPONENT OF EATING….You will continue to yoyo, feel hopeless, resigned and frustrated!  And you know what the biggest obstacle over addressing the EMOTIONAL COMPONENT OF EATING is?


Imagine what would be possible if had the awareness to have control over your emotional eating and turn any fear based thoughts into ones that will move you towards your ideal health and have you KEEP IT OFF!