My Conversation With Resistance

  Resistance::  I'm getting a strong sense that you know how powerful I am today. Me:  Yeah, I'm kind of hating you today because I'm really feeling resistant today.  It's like I am totally consumed by you. Resistance:  Good!  That's the way I like it because then I get to be in control. Me:  What's [...]

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My Birthday Gift To Self Was………..

to sprint full out for the last 50 yards of my run today.  It felt like a gift because it reminded me of how blessed I am to turn 62 years old, have 43 years of running and racing behind me and I still get to run! I say this was a gift to myself, [...]

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The Reason Why Balance Is A Struggle

The biggest reason why balance is a struggle at work and at home is because we are over committed, having us feeling stressed and out of balance. You can change that by simplifying and letting go of to do's that no longer serve you.  

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