Spring Shared It’s Wisdom With Me

Spring:  I am your favorite time of year.  You say it's because everything is new.  You bask at my beauty, saying it takes your breath away. Me:  You've got that right!  The blue sky, the fragrances, the birds, butterflies and the green grass!  It feels like an awakening! Spring:  It is!  But there's something you [...]

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A Talk With My Spiritual Guides

My phone has become somewhat of an appendage.  I have it with me 24/7.  This morning I received a strong message to not bring my phone with me on my run/walk today.  That felt uncomfortable, yet also very liberating.  I trusted that the message was significant and it was. My guides showed up.  Well, they [...]

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My Birthday Gift To Self Was………..

to sprint full out for the last 50 yards of my run today.  It felt like a gift because it reminded me of how blessed I am to turn 62 years old, have 43 years of running and racing behind me and I still get to run! I say this was a gift to myself, [...]

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