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The One Word That Creates Stress

Our stress is always fear driven as our fear has us believe that things are not going to work out.  In order to manage your stress you must be aware of what you are afraid of and become aware of the your fear driven actions.  Managing stress is possible when you no longer give any [...]

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3 Steps to Stop Worrying

Have you ever noticed how often you worry... ...and how much it saps your energy?  And did you ever notice that worrying doesn't make anything happen? Well, it's taken me several years to realize how much my incessant worrying sabotages my health; mentally, physically and spiritually.  So now when I'm in my worry mode, I [...]

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Relationships Are Overrated

How did that grab you? If there's anybody that values relationships, it's me.  I cherish deep, authentic connections.  Those relationships are inspirational, loving, fun and healthy!  The work I do with families and individuals always gravitates around a relationship that needs healing and attention. Yet with my experience not only personally but with all those [...]

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