Boundaries: Your Yogic Ticket To Freedom

Boundaries: Your Yogic Ticket To Freedom 2017-09-07T20:55:46+00:00


Yoga is more than asana.  Yoga is a way of life.  During asana, the body informs you of what it can and cannot tolerate physically.  You learn to honor those boundaries, and in that honoring freedom develops because it serves as a framework for the choices you can make.  Stepping outside the boundaries is an act of self sabotage.  Not having any physical boundaries leads to confusion, frustration and self doubt.

The same applies off the mat!  Boundaries are simply limits you set on what you will and will not tolerate in your life.However, the problem is the fear of confrontation and fear of judgment prevent you from setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Attend:  “Boundaries: Your Yogic Ticket To freedom” and leave with the tools and insight you need to get your needs met, declare your worth and step into the freedom that awaits you!

This workshop will consist of lecture, interaction and a unique process to help you identify the boundaries that will enhance your life and have you fee deserving and happy!

Cost:  $35

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