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My Conversation With Resistance

  Resistance::  I'm getting a strong sense that you know how powerful I am today. Me:  Yeah, I'm kind of hating you today because I'm really feeling resistant today.  It's like I am totally consumed by you. Resistance:  Good!  That's the way I like it because then I get to be in control. Me:  What's [...]

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My Wellness Talk With Fat

Fat: You say you hate me, but you create more of me. What’s up with that? Me: Well, I don’t really hate you because I know I need you, but I don’t want too much of you, Fat: Ok, so then why do you make more of me? You blame me but it’s not my [...]

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Spring Shared It’s Wisdom With Me

Spring:  I am your favorite time of year.  You say it's because everything is new.  You bask at my beauty, saying it takes your breath away. Me:  You've got that right!  The blue sky, the fragrances, the birds, butterflies and the green grass!  It feels like an awakening! Spring:  It is!  But there's something you [...]

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Who Do You Want To Be When You Die?

  When I go out for my runs along the path by the river, sometimes I feel like I've been drawn into some kind of psychedelic  vortex because I hear all kinds of crazy things. Today I heard the question that we've all asked ourselves many times in our lives:  "What do I want to [...]

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My Conversation With Rejection

Me: You are such an incredibly powerful force. Where the heck did you come from? Rejection: Hahahahaha! Yes, I'm powerful and I like it that way. I take lots of pride in the fact that I can keep you in fear and self loathing. Me: What's so cool about that? Rejection: Because if you give [...]

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A Talk With My Spiritual Guides

My phone has become somewhat of an appendage.  I have it with me 24/7.  This morning I received a strong message to not bring my phone with me on my run/walk today.  That felt uncomfortable, yet also very liberating.  I trusted that the message was significant and it was. My guides showed up.  Well, they [...]

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From Rejection To 7 Steps Of Redirection

  Did you know that: MRI studies show that the same areas of the brain become activated when we experience rejection as when we experience physical pain? This is why rejection hurts so much (neurologically speaking). In fact our brains respond so similarly to rejection and physical pain that Tylenol reduces the emotional pain that [...]

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