My phone has become somewhat of an appendage.  I have it with me 24/7.  This morning I received a strong message to not bring my phone with me on my run/walk today.  That felt uncomfortable, yet also very liberating.  I trusted that the message was significant and it was.

My guides showed up.  Well, they are always there.  I chose to “meet” with them:

Me:  What do I need to hear today?

Guides:  What has you thinking you need to hear anything?

Me:  True

Guides:  If you needed to hear something what would you want to hear?

Me:  That I’m going to be ok.  That I won’t spend my last days alone without my loved ones.

Guides:  It sounds like you’ve already decided that you will die alone, correct?  How come?

Me:  Well, based on my current reality, this would happen.  I want my kids, grandkids and soul mate/life partner to be with me.

Guides:  It sounds like you have decided that you know the outcome of the rest of your life.  Very interesting, as you teach your peeps that everything is constantly changing,  to let go of what they think they know to be true, and to let go of outcomes so they can be present to what is.

Me:  Lol.  Exactly.  What I teach is what I most need to learn.

Guides:  So what if those loved ones were in your life right now?  Would you then know that they would be with you during your last days?

Me:  No

Guides:   We love that you are so in love with life and want to live fully expressed and we’re here to  remind you that your reality is constantly and forever changing.  Fear resists change.  Love embraces it.

Me:  You guys are so wise.  I wish I was as wise as you.

Guides:  You are.  But that’s for another time.  And by the way, we really miss hanging out with you.  Remember the other day when we  awakened you out of your deep sleep?

Me:  Yes!  That was so crazy, insane awesome!

Guides:  We were reminding you that we are here 24/7.

Me:  This makes me so happy!  Interesting:  One thing for sure is that no matter what, I know that you guys will be with me now and forever!

Guides:  Oh, and one more thing;  You tend to be apprehensive to share our discussions.  Share this because this is not all about you.  Your peep’s guides are waiting for them too!

Me:  Will do.  I love you guys!

Guides:  Oh and how we love you too!

I’m so glad I didn’t bring my phone with me today!

Bloggers are “supposed to” end with a call to action, so here’s my call to action for you today:

Simply listen!