3 Fast Ways To Make Commitment Easy

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Hi. I’m Debbie Leoni. Welcome to Transforming Tuesday!


This is Week 3 of the topic of commitment. I’m committing to this topic because it’s so incredibly powerful and it does change your life. Today, I want to talk to you about ways to make commitment feel easy. I want to give you 3 ways to have you feeling like your commitment’s not a chore. Think of times when you’ve committed to something; whether it’s losing weight, improving your relationship, or whatever area of your life you’ve wanted to give attention and you’ve committed to doing something but it’s just been so difficult and hard. It doesn’t have to be. Here’s 3 ways:

The first way starts in here, in your head.

 How we experience our commitment is based on our thoughts and what we think about it. In other words, if you feel like what you’ve committed to is a ‘have to’, then it’s going to feel like an obligation; a ‘should’, a chore, it’s going to be difficult versus a ‘get to’. A ‘get to’ has you thinking the positive mindset of what the result will be and how motivated you’ll feel. For example, let’s talk about losing the weight. Let’s say I tell myself, “I have to lose 10 pounds because the doctor said I have to. I have to lose 10 pounds because my weight is affecting my blood pressure. I have to lose 10 pounds but I know it’s going to be hard because I’ve failed before and I don’t like having to give up hamburgers and French fries; versus a ‘get to’.

 A ‘get to’ would sound like, “I get to lose 10 pounds because I know it’s going to be healthy for me. I get to lose 10 pounds because I’m going to feel better and I’m going to look better; I’m going to feel sexier. I get to improve on my own personal growth by taking action and doing what’s good for me.” Do you here the difference? It’s simply shifting your mindset from the negative to the positive, which totally changes your experience.

The second way to make commitments easy is to track it.The American Journal of Preventative Medicine did a study in 2008 on 2,000 dieters, and they found that the ones that logged their food lost twice as much weight.

Think about it; it’s true, when you track something, whether it has to do with your weight or any commitment you’ve made, you’re going to get the result. You’re going to be a lot more apt to get the result, because as humans, we respond to measurement; we like to measure things and collect data. If you track whatever that is that you’re committed to, your action steps on a daily basis, you’re going to be way more apt to make it happen.

 Then the third way to make your commitment easy, which is probably the place where most people are resistant, is to get help.

Imagine what it would feel like; what it would be like, if you had help in following through with whatever it is you said you were going to do. That’s going to help you make it happen. You don’t have to do this alone. Get the help that you need, because not all the time do we know how to follow through with our commitments. We need support, we need structures in place, we need accountability. Maybe an accountability partner is exactly the support you’ll need. Get support. Imagine if the new commitments you made felt like ‘get to’s’, if you tracked them, you tracked your actions and you got the help you needed, imagine what that would feel like. Can you imagine what results you would get? Try it, it works.

 Here’s what I would like to invite you to do!

Below in the comment space, just post what you intend to commit to and what result you’re seeking. Notice how that’ll feel, just to declare it. I’ll respond to you; I’ll send you some coaching or feedback around what you state, what you declared. Let me know what that feels like, and then make that commitment. I’ll talk to you next week. Bye.

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  1. Sue Fierke May 21, 2013 at 7:13 AM

    I commit to shifting my focus to surrendering and away from controlling.

  2. debleoni May 21, 2013 at 1:11 PM

    Love that, Sue! But you know I must ask: What will that look like to surrender versus control?