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Stress Relief With One Question

If we are the ones who create our stress, then that's good news because we are also the ones who can relieve our stress.  Asking yourself this powerful question can quickly relieve your stress, no matter what your circumstance. Stress Relief Google Hangout August 5th at 7 - 8 pm Central $29

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The One Word That Creates Stress

Our stress is always fear driven as our fear has us believe that things are not going to work out.  In order to manage your stress you must be aware of what you are afraid of and become aware of the your fear driven actions.  Managing stress is possible when you no longer give any [...]

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How to Parent And Get Results

The changes you want to see in your son and daughter are changes that first must come from you!  Modeling the behavior that you want to see in them is what will create change.

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