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The Bus That Hasn’t Arrived

I love Autumn; Back to school, falling leaves, cool brisk air.  During this time, I'm reminded of when I was young and how often I stood at the school bus stop, waiting for the bus that sometimes didn't show up.  Remember?  Do you ever feel like you are still waiting at the bus stop and [...]

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Affirmations – You Get To Make Them Work!

   Affirmations are clear statements that you consciously say with the intent that they will produce a desired result. These statements are said in the present tense to describe the positive conditions or qualities you want to experience to make personal transformative change. Our physical reality is directly related to our essential beliefs.  And if [...]

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I Wonder……………..

  what it would be like if we had no televisions.  I get really upset when I go into the gym and see everyone doing cardio in front of their own personal tvs.  What happened to the days when we worked out and actually made eye contact;  when we said hello to our neighbors on [...]

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