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6 Easy Ways to Get Grounded

  Sometimes I struggle with topics to blog about;  (when I'm not grounded.)  And then I go into meditation and I get intuitive hits on topics that I never would have imagined.  Of course, they are topics that apply to my life, otherwise they wouldn't come up, but my issues are collective issues and I [...]

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What Are You Listening To?

  Ever feel sick and tired of always having to hear things that bring you down?  Maybe they are voices of those who are chronic complainers, maybe it's loud music, crying kids, noisy traffic or anything else that sounds toxic to you.   Or how about all the self induced noise you create with self sabotaging internal [...]

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The Truth Hurts

  How many times have you heard that and hate to hear it?  I believe because it's true and it stings!  The truth hurts and so to avoid the pain, we create some kind of illusion to mask the truth.  We either live a life based in reality or one in fantasy.  Instead of acknowledging [...]

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Are You A DWIT’r or a Quitter?

It's either one of the two when it comes to getting what you say you want out of life.  A DWIT'r Does Whatever It Takes to manifest their vision;  a quitter simply doesn't.  Which one are you? And what might that mean to Do Whatever It Takes?  It means that once you commit to something, [...]

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How Come There Is Never Enough Time?

  What might be your answer to that question?  Is it because you have too much work to do?  Too many clothes to wash, kids to taxi, dinners to cook, meetings to attend, others to care for? Sound familiar?  They do for me, and I can't tell you how many of my clients have the [...]

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The Best Part Of Your Day/Claiming The Moments

  When my kids were growing up I would pose the question over dinner, "What was the best part of your day?"  Even now as they are grown men when we break bread together I will ask the same question and what comes of the conversation is connection, gratitude, laughter and love. So what was [...]

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Relationships Revealed Event

Relationships Revealed   Do you or a loved one have ADD?  Do you want to improve the quality of your relationships and feel more connected? If so, come to the Dupage ADD Support Group where I will be speaking tomorrow evening, Tuesday, 8/3 at 7 pm and learn ways to communicate more effectively and to [...]

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Letting Go Of Stuff

  This year has been one of measurable letting go for me.  I've chosen to give up most of my "riches," for the sake of simplification and to challenge myself to another level of self growth.  The most difficult item I struggled with letting go of was my magnificent shiny black grand Yamaha piano.  I've [...]

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